Our nicotine salt made in France

Our nicotine salt e-liquids

Lips France was the first French producer to invest in nicotine salt market through its Salt E-Vapor range.

In our Pods, it gives you a gustatory advantage with a aromatic result of high quality. It is available in 11 flavors in 10 and 20 mg/ml.

With its e-liquid collection 50/50 in PG/VG, the Lips France Laboratory assures a production of high quality and an incomparable taste.


The usage of the natural form of the nicotine in our e-liquids, accompanied by an aromatic optimization, marks a true technologie break in the world of the Vape. The mildness and the gustatory result of this liquids, no matter the level the nicotine, gives a totally new vape experience which approaches that of the classic cigarettes.

Une gamme complète au Sel de nicotine

The Salt E-Vapor e-liquids range is a collection of nicotine salt e-liquids. The Salt E-Vapor e-liquids are adapted to beginners who have problems with high-dose nicotine e-liquids (too much hit) and experienced vapers who need rapide nicotine intake.

Salt E-Vapor e-liquids, already 11 flavors available
Salt E-Vapor nicotine salt boost

Salt E-Booster

Salt E-Booster is our (and your) solution to boost your nicotine salt e-liquids up to 20 mg/ml .

  • A large reduction of “hit”.
  • Gustatory result and easy intake with high-dose nicotine.
  • True confort for the smoking cessation and the risk reduction.

The nicotine salt

The molecule of nicotine is an alkaloid (basic nitrogen molecule) that we can find in tobacco. On the natural state, the nicotine is present in a saline form. This chemical form confers it the best physicochemical properties.

The nicotine salt is no more nor less than a complex molecular between the nicotine and the organic acide.

Thanks to the nicotine salt, the vape is now smooth, balanced and harmonious.

The nicotine salt technology is recent in the electronic cigarette market. However, through the Salt E-Vapor and the KoddoPod user experience, the feedbacks are really excellent.