A new way to vape

Thanks to its pre-filled cartridges, KoddoPod was designed to bring you a mild and harmonious vapour. It restores the exceptional flavors of high quality that were only developed in Laboratoire Lips France.

Compact, elegant and efficient, you can take it anywhere with you and vape under all circumstances.

KoddoPod has become a product reference since its launch and has already convinced beginners as much as experienced vapers.

KoddoPod, a new way to vape.

Back to basics, better.

KoddoPod Nano was designed by and for vapers. Simple to use, it will delight beginners to the vape world and the experienced vapers who are in search of a more discrete device.

Its technical characteristics give an optimal and efficient nicotine intake. The integrated battery and the pod of 2 ml capacity allow you to vape all day long everyday.

Thanks to the large range of the flavor choices, the quality control and the warranty, the Made in France e-liquids in the pods make KoddoPod Nano an indispensable device.

Reservoir of 2ml with nicotine salt

Optimal battery 
350 mAh / 3,6 V

Direct charging. Possible to use during the process

The technology Nicoplex

Developed by Laboratoire Lips France, the technology Nicoplex© integrates:

– A specific e-liquid formulation
– High purity USP/PE labeled nicotine in form of nicotine salt
– A pod system (cartridge) with a heating porous ceramic for a harmonious vape

Thanks to this ensemble, all the flavor of your e-liquid is preserved, regardless of the level of the nicotine. It works the same on small capacity batteries.

Salt E-Vapor

We use our own nicotine salt brand in our Pods (pre-filled cartridges):
Salt E-Vapor

Our flavors

Our 11 flavors signed by Laboratoire Lips France: The Thing, Ice Mint, USA Classic, USA Strong, Red Fruits, Pineapple Mango, The Little Thing, Red Commander, Crazy Red, Dragon’s Breath, Green Storm.