AFNOR Cert. 81913

Afnor Certification

Our e-liquids are certificated “Origine France Garantie”

All our e-liquids are certificated Origine France Garantie by the Afnor (the French Standardization Association).

Created in 2010, the certification Origine France Garantie is the only certification that attests the French origin of a product. It assures customers the traceability of the product with a clear and objective indication of provenance.

In addition, it certificates that the product takes the most part of its essential characteristics from France.

All our ranges of e-liquid.

Discover all ranges of E-liquids which are available in different nicotine levels.

Back to basic, better.

Our vaporisers equipped with pre-filled Pods (cartridges) come with 11 classic and original flavors.

Our nicotine salt

Nicotine salt E-liquids and booster for an exceptional result and a perfect hit.

Do It Yourself – SuperVape Base

Vapologic aromas, Fresh and sweet additives, Nicotine booster, PG/VG Nicotine base.

The Laboratory keeps you company in your catalogue.

Are you a franchiser? You have an independent shop? You are a Pure Player? You have a vape shop opening project?

Via our four brands, our different ranges cover all the needs of every type of vaper.
Classics, Premiums, DIY, Nicotine Salt, Vaporisers…

A team at your side

With more than 100 e-liquid references from classic flavors to the most complex liquids, Laboratoire Lips France is a renowned manufacturer of e-liquids with a commercial team that is at your disposal and at your side.

Laboratoire Lips France

  • State of the art quality and quality approach
  • Raw materials of quality
  • 100% vegetable origin USP labeled Propylene Glycol
  • EP/USP quality vegetable Glycerine
  • One of the purest USP Nicotines on the market

A commercial team at your disposal

  • Discovery and degustation of products
  • Highlighting on the new arrivals
  • Advice and expertise
  • Products formation
  • Animation of your sell points

Tailor-made accompaniment

  • Samples on demande
  • Highlighting on the new arrivals
  • Displays, goodies, communication tools
  • Referencing of your shop on our website
  • Loyalty program Lips Partner

Short delivery time
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Certification AFNOR 81913

Everything to equip you with the grand class!

In Lips France, we like two things: the exceptional flavors and the snappy design. Lips is not only renowned for the quality of its products, but also famous for its atypical artistic direction.
So, we conditioned a series of goodies and displays just for you.

Commercial Service

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